What are your deal breakers?

We all have them. Deal breakers. Deal breakers for friendships, relationships, working careers and just about anything you can think of.

I once heard that a girl broke up with a guy (.. or was it that she refused to see him any longer?) because she found out that he ate his pizza folded in half.


OMG. That is NOT a real deal breaker.

REAL deal breakers are when you don’t tolerate the little things that they do that annoy you on a regular basis (like peeing and not flushing, or leaving you all the nasty gummy bears left in the bag), but when you truly, cannot continue a relationship with that person any longer.

I just thought it’d be fun to randomly list out what my deal breakers are…

My Dating Deal Breakers

– If he’s a smoker
– If he’s not financially careful/savvy (learned this one the hard way)
– If he’s not polite
– If he doesn’t at least keep in touch with his family (he doesn’t have to love them, just respect them)
– If he makes stupid jokes all the time to the same people so much that it gets old
– If he drinks a lot. And LOVES to drink, and thinks that partying = drinking
– When he can’t hold a conversation with me on a wide range of subjects. No need to be a a rocket scientist but at least have the brains to argue with me intelligently
– If he’s not open minded (about food, people, ideas). It’s one thing to have biases (I certainly do, LOL), but it’s another to be totally hard headed (hmm. this is a soft deal breaker because BF is like this when we argue but he knows when to leave the subject alone and move on)

My Work Deal Breakers

– When there’s no hope of real advancement other than rubbing shoulders with the ‘ol boys and it’s solely based on schmoozing not performance
– When they don’t pay me what I know I’m worth
– When they don’t treat me with respect
– When they don’t pay for the basics when you expect them (like travel, laundry if you stay away, etc)


– When they give you crap for not calling — but they didn’t call EITHER!
– When all they can talk about it themselves and they just take take take
– When they’re rude to others
– When they’re snobby (I guess that’s rude too but… it’s a different shade of being rude)

So, what are yours?

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