Ugly is the new beautiful..

I knew it was going to get to this point sooner or later, but this agency’s been around since 1969!!!!

For the record, I don’t think these people are ugly. Actually, the agency’s name is “UGLY”, and it doesn’t mean to be a representation of them. They’re just playing on the name to say that their models are ‘unique’ and ‘average’, which in the high fashion industry, is normally considered ‘ugly’.

“Ugly,” founded in 1969, looks for unique models who are not considered traditionally beautiful. According to agency founder Simon Rogers, “beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes,” and in the modeling industry, there’s room for all. Realizing that the word “ugly” carries a rather negative connotation, Rogers admits his agency’s name is more “tongue in cheek” than literal, but don’t expect Gisele Bundchen on their roster anytime soon. “We now represent a really candid cross-section of what America is,” he said.

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Here are some of the “Ugly” agency’s models. Some of the women are just gorgeous!

This guy freaks me out because I’m scared of vampires, zombies and the like and he looks like one to me.

My favourite of the bunch. I love her mohawk and her entire look.

But that’s an interesting question for me, because I find some supermodels quite ugly, but in the right lighting and in the right situation, they’re beautiful. Ugly beauty I guess. But not classically beautiful like Adriana Lima or Gisele Bundchen.

So the question is: What IS beautiful?

If natural looks, or ‘nature’ is considered beautiful, then everyone from a logical and philosophical standpoint, is beautiful.

But it’s clear that beauty is something else. It’s not just skin deep, as we all know because a beautiful woman or a handsome man can seem like an ugly disgusting beast when their personality doesn’t meet our expectations.

Beauty, as I understand it, is set to something called a “Golden Proportion” a.k.a. “Golden Ratio”, a.k.a. “Golden Mean” with the idea that if your face is perfectly symmetrical, then you’re considered to be the ideal beauty. But when scientists created the perfect face, people didn’t think that they were pretty because it was something they weren’t used to. Even with a perfectly symmetrical face, people want (in their supermodels for example) to have a slight flaw. Hooked nose, crooked teeth, wonky eye. Something small and imperceptible.

Go figure 🙂

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