A Minimalist’s Jewellery Box

Okay, that title is a bit misleading because it’s not like I have ONE necklace, or ONE pair of earrings and one fabulous bracelet that would complete any outfit no matter what I wear.

I actually have QUITE a bit left in terms of jewellery but can you imagine that I had about 3 times more than what I am currently left with now?

3 times more!!!

This is a huge move towards being more of a minimalist for me, and actually buying and keeping pieces I can’t live without…

These are basically half of my earrings. Mostly leaves, hoops, teal things… classy silver earrings, very modern, graphic pieces. It’s my style.

These are the rest of the earrings, with rings (just a couple), brooches and pendants.

I love kind of wild, funky, ocean-y shell necklaces, delicate and feminine.
Here’s another shell one…
The chain necklace is totally me, a bit rocker, but delicate enough to be ladylike.
All the silver necklaces (the 3) are by TASHI, one of my favourite jewellery designers, and the rest are just because I love autumn colours.
The huge beaded green necklace is difficult to wear, so I always have to be careful when I wear it so that I don’t snap a string. The leaf necklace with the pearls comes from Ruth Chan of SparkleThots.

Here are my showstoppers. The turquoise and black necklace on the left is from Ellen Ikemoto of Ellen Ikemoto Design, the dark brown beads with the golden flowers are from Ruth Chan again, the pink number at the top is from a store in a local village, that cost me a pretty penny. And the last necklace is again very me, punk rocker chic.

Last but not least, the red beads were $2 from a vintage store online (I can’t recall the URL now), and the other are just necklaces I picked up here and there.

Update: December 10th 2008

Went on a bit of an Etsy Binge

The zoisite and amethyst necklace on the left is quite heavy, but it feels amazing and looks great on by martina designs. I also bought a vintage brass leaf kind of necklace with a pearl hanging off the side by fionamink, who does some cute vintage stuff.

The left necklace is one I have been eying for about 6 months now. It’s a waterlily necklace by Sudlow. The last two on the right are by Ellen Ikemoto of streetnoodles. (Ellen, by the way, is one of my FAVOURITE jewelry designers, ever and I always, ALWAYS go back to her).

I absolutely adore these 3 necklaces and I am itching to buy more already!

I bought both of these necklaces in Chicago, in different stores.

This is a bracelet I liked from one of those Chicago stores.

I guess when I travel, my souvenirs are pieces of jewellery.

This is a necklace I got off Etsy. I love the zebra stripes and the bold red throughout.

Here are two other necklaces I bought from StudioRona on Etsy… I LOVE them. Her style is totally up my alley. I love assymetrical, pretty, delicate but bold pieces.

Her earrings are gorgeous too.

These are the coolest fabric buttons EVER by SplendorSplendor. And a reasonable price at $9 – $12 for each necklace.

Really beautiful because I love bold, vivid, bright jewelery. She gave me the first necklace in grey for free! I only bought the last two.


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