This is getting out of hand….

This whole Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt being the most famous couple in the world is getting out of hand.

Girl, you know I adore you and your sultry lips and bedroom eyes, but this is effing ridiculous. When did it become breaking news on TV that a celebrity couple gave birth to twins?

No, really.

It’s as though she did something special, poppin’ out 2 babies at once. Every woman in the world has the potential to give birth, animals give birth – it ain’t something special. Hell I raised SEA MONKEYS at the age of 3.

And it’s all making me gag slightly in my mouth that we’re following these celebrities like gods and goddesses as though knowing what their lives are all about will change something.

We’re all just living vicariously through them – in which case, what’s the point of living?

Don’t you all want to just live your life and NOT know what celebrities are up to? I understand a bit of harmless gossip is fun here and there, but this Angelina + Brad thing, morphed into Brangelina and kind of pisses me off that so much attention on TV, magazines, TV and even on this blog is being directed to talking about them.

Or any celebrity and their screwed up, schizophrenic, bi-polar lives where drinking each other’s blood, an anorexic chick getting pregnant when she could barely have a period………and the total obsession with what the eat, where they shop, who they talk to, who they fuck, who they go out to dinner with and what they do at every second of the day, consumes us to the point where we follow their comings and goings like it means something to us and to our lives.

If you just want to live through other people, you’re wasting your life and your time by not taking action on your OWN life.


Remember you?

Yeah, the one that still needs to get her finances in order or do his laundry?

Or the one that still can’t figure out what to do with her career?

Just unplug, everyone. Unplug from the madness…

It’s getting to be a bit much.

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