Tailoring Basics: Do’s and Don’ts

Some quick and easy ways to tailor your wardrobe and what to remember to purchase to make it easier to tailor in the future, just so it fits you better, especially if you’ve lost weight recently or are just looking to refresh what you’ve got instead of buying brand new items.

Velvet, Transparent Fabrics, Layered Fabrics, Beaded Fabrics or Decoratively Stitched Fabrics are hard to work with, so avoid buying an item in those fabrics that need a lot of alteration if you can help it.

Most pieces can only be altered one size up or down. If you want to let out a garment, make sure there’s a ½ inch allowance (extra fabric) at the hem and seams

Possibly the most neglected alternation is the one that improves the women’s look most dramatically and is among the easiest for tailors to do is to pull the fabric up at the shoulders to prevent the garment from drooping across the bust and bunching at the tummy. The tuck creates a clean line on any body type.

Buy pants to fit your bottom. Legs and waists can be more easily altered.

If you look boxy in your trousers, ask your tailor to narrow them a bit along the inside back seams

If you aren’t sure where to hem your skirt, right below the knee at the thinnest part of your leg is the most flattering length for anyone.

Cut out the front pockets on your pants, since they bunch as you move around, it could look like you’ve lost 3 pounds

Before you buy a garment give it a good squeeze for 20 seconds. If it bunches and looks wrinkly like an unmade bed, that’s how you’ll look wearing it.

Every brand bases its sizing on its fit model which is a woman the company thinks represents their average customer and has a body that appeals to the designer’s vision. That’s why sometimes you’re a size 6 and a 10.

Vanity sizing is also a big issue – they over very generous cuts on clothing at mass merchandisers, and they think that if you buy a smaller size in clothing you’ll buy more of them, which.. is kinda true. I get a thrill when I see that I’m a size or two smaller. Apparently I’m a Size 2 at Banana Republic but a Size 6 at Smart Set?

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