I’m baaaack!!!

I had a great time in Dallas, Texas..!!

Friendlier Atmosphere

The people are ridiculously friendly compared to Montreal or Toronto. Everyone smiled and asked how we were doing, which is a TOTAL change. I mean COMPLETE strangers said “How y’all doin’?”.. All the security guards, or people just standing around, smiled, said Hello.. and in the grocery stores, the service was just amazing. I’d never experienced that kind of service before, and it’s such a change from being in Toronto or Montreal where about 80% of the time, you don’t get that level of service.

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

The food is DELICIOUS. And CHEAP. I dunno but, the Central Market at Lovers Lane station was filled with great food, samples (y’all know FB ate as many samples as she could, right?) and again, the meat was of a higher quality in a grocery store than in Canada.

The ceiling in the Thanksgiving Chapel

My favourite spot in the entire city: the Chapel in Thanksgiving Square. I could’ve spent hours just lying there on the soft carpet, staring up at the gorgeous swirl of the stained glass. It was cool (air conditioned), calm, relaxing and quiet. A great place to really de-stress.

A couple of downers were that a lot of people didn’t speak much English. It was mostly Mexicans speaking Spanish, which wasn’t too bad because BF managed to use some remedial Spanish to get us through, but it was a bit frustrating at times. But through it all, they were sooooooo friendly, it was hard to find fault.

Another downer was that you couldn’t really get to major areas without a car. We spent something like $50 in cab fare to get to the Southfork Ranch off the TV series Dallas, because NO BUS or shuttle went out there.

And it was disappointing that the ranch wasn’t the REAL set inside. They did all the shots of the outside with the pool (which is NOT Olympic sized by the way), and around the ranch area, but the inside is disappointingly small because they built another 40,000 square foot set in Los Angeles where they did the actual filming inside.

Oh well, it was an experience at least.

Overall, I had a great time. Spent lots of time walking, visiting the museums which were really nice – the best one I’ve been to so far (but I haven’t been to the MOMA in NY yet nor to Europe), so that doesn’t say much I guess.

We also went to see the Dallas Aquarium which was a bit of a disappointment because it was more about the Jungle and the little tropical animals and birds than about the actual tropical fish which is what you’d expect an aquarium to have…. The aquarium near Phildelphia was MUCH better and bigger, in case you’re wondering. But I heard there’s an aquarium in Los Angeles that is just amazing πŸ˜€

Now I need the weekend to destress and to get out of this plane funk and motel nasty business (we had to stay in a Motel 6, long story short, Google Maps f*cked up and said the REAL hotel we had booked was only 5 minutes by walking but was actually 5 miles away)…

It’s kinda nice to be home. But at least we’ve got a good flavour of what to expect when we move to the States, especially to Texas.

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