Why do I feel like I don’t do anything at work?

I’m here blogging, reading other blogs, commenting, and it’s almost noon.

Why do I feel like I don’t do anything at work?

Oh wait.. is it because I don’t? 😛 😛 😛

Actually, before you freak out, it’s because I finished everything ahead of time and I’m waiting on someone else to finish something before I can begin (it’s a bit of a chain process we have going on)

And this week, everyone seems to be having a birthday!!! (Special post on BF’s birthday coming up)

5 people in the office alone, have birthdays this week, and 3 today. 🙂 I foresee a lot of afternoon sugar cake lovin’ coming my way *yum yum*

*imagines herself being like Elaine on Seinfeld.. LOL* in that episode where she gets a 4’o’clock sugar rush from all the birthdays, get-well wishes, and retirement things, and then goes into sugar withdrawl when she doesn’t have a piece?

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