Random Observations

Weird thought

I’ve always wondered how guys and girls could be on screen, getting hot and heavy with the kissing and the touching, with the cameras (of course) all around them, and..

A) not feel uncomfortable
B) not get turned on

…. Any ideas?

Atrocities on the Subway

Wearing patent with patent with patent
It’s ridiculous to wear knee-high patent boots with a black patent coat and a bright yellow patent purse. It is patent OVERLOAD and pretty awful.

ONE patent item. Please. ONE. Only one.

If not it looks like you’ve been covered in shellac and oil. And it’s kind of disturbing.

Who cuts nails in public?
I heard a *clip clip clip* and I thought: Gee that sounds a lot like nails being clipped, but how could ANYONE think it’s appropriate to cut their nails in public. No one would be that gauche…. And it turned out I was wrong.

I turned around to see a woman actually clipping her nails, and my mouth fell open.

I was just .. flabbergasted.

Enough said.

Starbucks anorexia
Why is it that all the anorexic or bulimic women seem to have Starbucks addictions? I saw a skeletor walking out of Starbucks the other day, and her legs and arms literally looked like skin being spread over bones.

I shivered because it was truly disgusting to see.

Think Calista Flockhart ……(small boned, small eater my ass)……

But the thing I noticed they all had in common is that they all have huge Venti cups of Starbucks, as if it’s their cult drink, and their only sustenance for the entire day (sure hope it’s a cup full of LARD)…

Just an observation.

(Oh and before the Anons get on their soapboxes, I’m not talking about naturally skinny women. I’m talking about STRAIGHT UP, bony bitches that have bodies where you can literally count their ribs and other body parts. I mean LITERALLY count each skin-covered bone. Ugh.)

Makeup on the subway

Raise your hands ladies, don’t be shy.

Okay, for those of you who admitted to doing makeup on the subway or bus regularly (and for those of you who are blushing right now), I only have one tip: PLEASE, find the time to wake up 10 minutes earlier to get your makeup on before getting on the subway.

There’s something distinctly unappealing about a woman trying to spread on foundation, blush, eyebrow liner and the entire getup while staring in the glass of the subway door.

There’s something faintly sexy about re-applying lip balm or lipstick, but putting on your face on the subway is another thing altogether.

At least you aren’t putting on mascara in the car…. But if you are, STOP. That’s such a distraction (uhh a big, kinda pointy black wand near your precious eye?) and you may not only get into an accident but end up either stabbing your eyeball with the wand, or end up making thick black waterproof mascara lines across your eye and face, ruining the rest of your makeup.


Perfume overload

Look, there’s no need to bathe in it. If I can smell you a meter away before I see you, it’s a problem.

Plus, it’s overwhelming and too much makes me sneeze.

Not knowing how to walk in heels

A woman who knows how to walk in heels is sexy.

A woman who wears super high heels and is teetering on them, but doesn’t have the confidence to really and properly walk in them, is very unsexy and kind of ungainly. Childish even.

Just wearing the super high heels doesn’t make you sexy unless you plan on standing and not moving all your life.

Wearing shorter heels (kitten heels maybe) or even flats, but knowing how to properly and confidently walk in them is infinitely better than the super high heels.

Playboy Atrocities

I’ve never understood girls wearing PlayBoy bunny symbols unless for Halloween or for something equally outrageous.

But I have also NEVER seen a PlayBoy bunny backpack in my life. That thing is truly hideous. It had fake studs all over the bunny’s face that was printed on the back of a cheap pleather backpack, and quite frankly, a $2 woven sack from the grocery store would’ve been a lot better to carry your items around than wearing that backpack.

Oh and did I mention the woman was about 45 years old and looked like Pat off Saturday Night Live?


That just could NOT have been further from the reality of a Bunny vs. Pat.

Sunglasses inside
Um. I don’t see any sun inside. The subway is pretty damn dark, and unless you’ve just had a good medical reason and some eye surgery like Lasik and cannot see, PLEASE take your sunglasses off while inside. It just makes you look pretentious like you..

A) couldn’t tell that you had gone from outside to underground

B) don’t want anyone to look at you because you’re secretly hideous

C) don’t want anyone to know you’re looking at them which is equally annoying

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