Happy List

Stole the idea from Rae of the Notice… ;P

Mine is more of a .. list of good things in life that I’m very happy about.

Things I’m Happy About

– Raw salmon and japanese rice with soya sauce

– Looking at your budget, and realizing with that tax refund, you could be done your debt early 2009 if you stay on track (I am way more motivated now to do so) instead of the Summer of 2009

– Being able to do great Reader Giveaways to everyone (I love it when people tell me it made their day to win!)

– Knowing that the Sex and the City movie is coming out soon – am gonna rope some girlfriends and go see the movie together

– Napping

– Decluttering and trying to streamline my life and my bedroom because I foresee a big move coming up in the future and I don’t like a lot of baggage (emotionally and physically)

– Organizing. Period. I really love stacking things neatly, arranging them by colour, style, naming files and folders correctly, etc. I also love a clean, well organized office with a HUGE, blank open desk

– Feeling in control, free and truly happy

– Snuggling in bed on a weekend, under a warm comforter, staring at the gorgeous skyline

– Chocolate. Specifically, Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate (I’m sorry, I’ve tried MOST chocolates out there, but Cadbury is a nice cheap option for pretty good quality), and Tolberones (only thing is that nougat getting caught in my teeth…)

– Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets – I really love accessories to express my taste, as well as to make an outfit more interesting and it’s more for me than anyone else, really…

Serendipitious by Serendipity 3 (makes me smell like a milk chocolate bar and I love it)

– Apple MacBooks *heart* with Windows Parallel

What’s everyone happy about?

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