Reader Dilemma: His Pride vs. Her Money

In response to my Response to “The Wealth Gap in Relationships”:

Anonymous said…

you know, this is something that has been on my mind a lot lately… i recently graduated with my master’s degree and got a job right out of school… i’m making about 4 times more than my hubby and i’ve noticed how it’s really hard for him to feel like he’s taking care of me. to be sure, he is such a great spouse and helps out SO, SO, SO much around the house (i can’t even remember the last time i had to do our laundry!) but he still hasn’t finished school and that’s really starting to hurt us… especially since i’d like to start having kids but am really worried about how that will work out since i have to keep working in order for us to keep up our lifestyle… it’s a hard balance… i mean it’s working for us right now, but i know that the longer i keep making more than him, the more it’ll hurt his pride over time… any suggestions? i could use some advice!

Normally I’m pretty quick to jump on the advice wagon but this time, I don’t really feel like a good judge for this particular situation because I left someone for not wanting to work (among other major things). Period. And the entire experience turning sour after it.

The only post I can offer in help is this: Secret Lives of Breadwinner Wives

At least your hubby is in school with a hope of graduation…

Can any readers offer any advice?

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