Projected Feb 2008 Budget

The only major expense that I couldn’t fit into the budget was the purchase of my new laptop $1300 (let’s overestimate), and a new cellphone ($200 overestimation).

I need got a new cellphone only because it’s getting to be a real problem to talk on it unless I’m RIGHT outside in broad daylight with a clear, uninterrupted access to the signal. I can’t adjust the #&@$# volume on the cellphone so I can actually hear people when they’re talking, and I’m always embarassed to half-shout I can’t hear you, I REALLY CAN’T HEAR YOU.. speak louder!!!

Especially on le train…

But, proud to say that most of my moola is going towards Debt and Savings. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m actually surviving at a bare minimum, on $860 a month, without the “Travel” budget (assuming I had no BF), we’re talking actual day-to-day living expenses are $460.00 a month!!! A MONTH!!! without rent. Yes I live like a hobo but it’s possible. Definitely possible….

Of course, that’s also taking into consideration that my rent being at ONLY $400/month, but even if my rent was higher, at $600 or $800/month (assuming I had roommates), that’s only up until about $1060 a month then.

That’s not to say that I actually want to only earn $1060 net/a month in total because I still want to save for retirement/emergencies, but it’s good to know that my frugality bone is starting to grow, and I’m getting comfortable with spending such a small amount of money. ๐Ÿ™‚ So when my debt finally gets cleared.. there’s no stopping me!!!

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