Get Apartment Insurance!

Just the other day, a part of Toronto died in a fire (no one was hurt, thank god), but a whole section of the city burned down, about 12 buildings I heard? (Correct me, Canucks!)

Not only was the area just declared a Historic site last fall, lots of people lived above and below the shops, and many many people lost their homes that day.

I mean as you can see, the place was literally burned to the ground.

Which brings me to my blunt point: GET APARTMENT INSURANCE

It’s only maybe up to a MAX of $50 a month (I paid $14) but imagine if something like this ever happened to you and you didn’t get apartment insurance because you were too lazy to get it, or you didn’t want to put money towards something so ‘trivial that will probably never happen to you’.

I’m here to tell you that it could, it can and it may very well happen.

You could even get discounts through your car insurance, or even through the bank you’re loyal to. They may give you a really good discount – look into it.

Thus ends the public service announcement de FB 🙂

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