Tea for two, Tea for me, Tea for you

I am a huge fan of tea. I really really love the stuff. I don’t drink coffee because the amount of caffeine in there is enough to give me a huge migraine for the day, but tea has just the right amount of kick.

Now, as a fan of tea, I really don’t like drinking tea made from teabags. To me, it’s usually a sign that they threw in other filler leaves with that tea, and it’s been chopped up too fine, it loses its flavour in the bag, and just isn’t as appealing as drinking tea made from loose tea leaves.

I’m really experimental with flavours, and I just happened across this site: Adagio Teas and some of the samplers they have on there sound delicious!!

Here are all of the flavours they have, and the teas even have ratings (on the right-hand side) given by other people who’ve ordered and tried it..

The ones in bold are the ones I’m interested in…

almond 4.2
apple 3.9
apricot 4.5
banana 3.5
blackberry 4.1
blueberry 4.3
caramel 4.2
cherry 4.0
chocolate 4.1
christmas 4.2
cinnamon 4.3
coconut 4.4
cream 4.2

currant 4.2
forest berries 4.3
ginger 3.9
grapefruit 4.3
hibiscus 4.0
lemon 4.0
lime 3.7
mango 4.5
melon 4.0
orange 4.3
oriental spice 4.3
passionfruit 4.4
peach 4.3
plum 4.3
pineapple 3.8
pomegranate 3.6
raspberry 4.3
rum 3.8
strawberry 4.4
tangerine 4.2
valentines 4.4
vanilla 4.4

Can you tell? I’m going for the sweet stuff 😉

They also sell cool looking teapots (incredibly innovative) and other things for the tea lover on your list.

Another really good loose tea to purchase is called “rooibos” said like this “Roy Boss” or “Roy Bosh”.. because it has a nice light flavour and tastes faintly of vanilla.. It’s been my favourite to drink.

From Wikipedia:

Rooibos is becoming more popular in Western countries particularly amongst health-conscious consumers, who appreciate it for its high level of antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), its lack of caffeine and its very low tannin levels (since tannins can affect the metabolism by decreasing absorption of certain nutrients like iron and protein) as opposed to fully oxidized black tea or unoxidized green tea leaves.[citation needed] The unoxidized—green—version of rooibos theoretically contains more intact antioxidants.

Basically it’s good for you 😉

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