Straight from Nina Garcia’s Mouth

Invest in a good pair of shoes
Even if it’s only one pair. There are only a few designers who make very good shoes. It is difficult and expensive to make a perfect, quality shoe. It is also impossible to make a cheap shoe look expensive. Spend wisely here, because it really matters.

The names that you hear repeatedly have certainly earned their reputation, among them:

Manolo Blahnik: The sexiest and the safest investment. A sure thing.

Christian Louboutin: To-die-for red soles, the most creative styles, big on toe

Roger Vivier: Extremely chic and one-of-a-kind.

Jimmy Choo: Very sexy and the most comfortable. For the real chameleon.

Azzendine Alaïa: For the connoisseur and adventuress.

FB: Maybe once I get rid of about half my shoe collection, I’ll invest/treat myself to ONE pair of thse gorgeous shoes.

Wear your size
Often in my business, I see fashionistas who are a size 7 try to fit into a sample size 9. I guess they think that nobody will notice. People notice. And when girls try to squeeze into a smaller size, the effect is ghastly. Toes spilling out of a pair of strappy, sexy sandals is a very painful sight. I do not wince out of sympathy for your feet. I side with the shoe.

FB: Really?… No kidding.

Only show two cracks
Toe cleavage does not get the attention it deserves, but trust me, it matters. Two cracks, no more.

FB: I didn’t know that.

Get pedicures
Chipped toe polish, cracked heels, etc. are not acceptable.

FB: I don’t even wear toe polish.. but cracked heels, I agree with.

Don’t go too high
I am a fan of height, but there is such a thing as too high (over four inches). You will not be able to walk correctly in a heel over four inches. Your posture will shift and you will look ridiculous.

FB: I SUPER wholeheartedly agree. I wear 3″ or less, because 3″ is at my MAX comfort height. I prefer 2″ or less to be honest. But it’s nigh impossible to find shoes at that height.

Watch your proportions
Hardly anyone can pull off a very short skirt with a very high heel without looking like a tramp.

FB: Just like how you wear a short top with a long skirt, or a short skirt with a longer top. Showcase ONE aspect – either your legs with shorter heels, or your upper half.

You can never have enough high heels

FB: I kind of disagree with this one, but it’s a cute quote. 😉



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