Shopping to fill an emotional void

Remember how I told you I was (and am) a recovering shopaholic? I used to go out to the mall and blow $300 each visit. And since I was bored, I’d go to the mall once every week or two weeks to relieve stress and just “browse” which ended up into my wanting items that I didn’t need.

I also shopped at unique boutiques in stores, to buy $150 purses and things I knew I couldn’t buy mass market..

So why am I telling you this? Because I was still a bit of a shopaholic while with Ex because I purchased things on the sly, or I’d find ways to buy things online without him knowing and have it shipped to the hotel and pick it up before he did…

I also wanted to shop a lot more with him. Every time he said “Go ahead, get it” I’d be thrilled that I was given a chance to buy something with him knowing, and I didn’t really evaluate if I wanted it or not.

I thought about this the other day, but if people shop to fill an emotional void in their lives (which I clearly was doing), can it be true and even more remarkable that I haven’t wanted to shop ever since BF came along?

I’m coming clean, folks!

The only purchases I’ve bought in recent weeks is my Passport, pills, and … oh wait, a couple more pairs of sweatpants, but to my defense I threw out my old pairs that were getting quite old and baggy, and the new sweatpants fit perfectly and were on SALE (I’m picky about sweatpants.. they can’t be too thin, too high, too low, not soft enough, etc etc)..

But before, I was really awful.

Spending so much money made me feel good, but as I went through my closet, really evaluating what I had wasted my money on in the past, I started filling up 4-5 boxes of STUFF. Unused clothing, some still with tags, shoes I bought and never wore.. and I want to really do a major overhaul on my closet, go through everyhing and pare it down to a reasonable amount. I really have too many clothes and shoes.

Thinking of hosting a mini get together with my girls in January and I’ll bring my nice stuff that I want to donate, and whatever doesn’t get taken by my friends I’ll donate to charity. I really just want to see them benefit SOMEONE, and it’ll be such a huge load off my chest to get rid of half of my wardrobe.

I have 40 pairs of shoes that I’m keeping (yes… BF thinks I’m nuts), and 2 full racks of tops, half a rack of skirts, half a rack of pants, half a rack of suits, half a rack of dresses and a full rack of coats.


(A rack would be maybe 4 feet across?)

Ugh, I need to get rid of my junk!!!

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