I couldn’t think of a better blog title than that, but I’ve been making notes in my PDA about things I’m seeing and incredulously trying to figure out the logic behind..

Et voila, here’s the list!

Crocs in Winter

We got a crazy amount of snow in Canada (thanks Texas!) and I went back for a bit to kind of walk around and take in the sights, and breathe the smog-filled air again.

It was definitely minus 20 or so, windchill, and huge snow banks (with snow still falling) in effect.

I saw a girl wearing a pair of bright orange Crocs.. with socks. In the snow. With the slush. With the ice. With the salt. Everywhere.

Dude,.. WTF!?!?!?!?!?

Enough said.

Sunglasses Inside

I have NEVER understood this. Unless you have some seriously awful problems with your eyes and you’re sensitive to light, I do NOT see the reason why girls especially, have to wear sunglasses inside.

This one princess got on the subway, and she was decked out in her Juicy Couture, had her headband in, makeup slopped on so thick it looked like a second skin, and UGG boots (which by the way I’m starting to almost think are a good pair of boots)…

And the biggest pair of sunglasses EVER on her face.

I kept staring at her, totally incredulous (the subway lights weren’t bright by any means), and it was clear she was uncomfortable because she knew I was staring at her, and she kept shifting in her seat. I just kept thinking: I hope you’re not wearing them inside just to make a statement that you’re like a celebrity…. but not.

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