My General Want List

Just a general “Want” list.. not a “Need”, so if I do decide to buy something, I’m going to take a long time deciding on the perfect pair..

1. Dark Jeans
Mine are about to bite the dust… the holes are starting at the inner thigh area and it’s gonna be one hell of a peepshow if I don’t get a backup pair, ASAP! 😛

2. Professional Sweaters
You know what I mean. The chunky knits don’t work because they look too casual, but I still need something other than a thin knit cardigan to wear at work. I have a black Jacob sweater that looks like a blazer, but is made out of cotton and is super comfortable (stretchy) and looks incredibly professional while being casual.

I should’ve bought that same sweater in every colour when I had the chance… now I can’t find the exact sweater any more because the new styles at Jacob have a short ugly belt that doesn’t tie around my waist or look very nice.

3. Pantyhose
Mine are totally ripping. I should’ve bought backups…

4. Fitted casual blazer
Same deal as with the professional sweater, but I need a blazer that doesn’t scream corporate that I can wear to work without looking like I’m going to an interview. The fabric has to be a dark denim or tweed, something not as professional as a pinstriped wool or anything.. Or at least, have a different clasp, collar, or tie around the waist.. Anything!!

5. Thermal underwear
Ooo how sexy. But I need something thin to wear under my clothes if I go out for a long walk this winter with BF… I need to keep warm because my body has no circulation whatosever. Grr..

6. External Hard Drive (The mother of all hard drives)
I’ve decided I want a secondary backup of EVERYTHING on my other portable hard drives. This means I’m looking at buying a 400GB external hard drive instead of buying a 160GB hard drive for only my information/papers that I’m still going to scan in. My 60GB does the trick because information/pictures are not like music or videos, they don’t really suck up a lot of room…

7. A scanner
Preferably portable.

That about does it for me.. 🙂

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