Is 30% tipping the new 15%? …

I went out to lunch with my friend the other day, and she asked for the amount to chip in. I did some quick math and said: is that 15%?

She shook her head.. “No, 30%. I multiply the 10% of the bill by 3..”

And proceeded to put in her share of the 30% tip.

It was only a buck or two extra, but my brain was reeling… 30%!?!?!?!?

I thought my tipping 20% for excellent service was generous, and at minimum 15%, but 5%-10% for truly awful service that was unwarranted. Even 0%. It depends on how awful the service was but it’s a rare day that I tip 0%. I always leave SOMETHING because I feel bad.

I put in 20% because it is easier to calculate than 15%, so that makes sense to me. I don’t want to give 10%, and I want to give at least 15%, so 20% is just the double of 10% and much easier to figure out with my brain of a monkey…… πŸ™‚

But 30%!?

Is this the new norm?… anyone? *totally confused* Soon I’ll be tipping 50%!!! 😐

That’s when I’ll decide to eat ramen noodles at home for cheap and start waitressing for a living at some chic restaurant πŸ˜›

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