Changes for 2008

Got me thinking… I have so many random thoughts going through my head right now, I need to get them listed to really see where my life is going for 2008.

1. Starting to save for retirement again in 2008.

Stopped the payments because I maxed out my contribution for 2007. I know I’m oversaving, but I’d rather oversave than undersave so that way I have the option of pausing the payments rather than scrambling to find the cash for it.

2. Going to really actively replenish and save for my emergency fund again and hold off on debt repayment for now.

I really understand the need for it now, especially after what happened a month ago. I want it to be a healthy sum $5000? And if my debt repayment gets down to a reasonable amount like $2000 – $3000 left, I’ll withdraw the EF money and clear it in full.

3. Am not expecting a bonus or a salary increase this year. Boo.

I hope I get one, but I’m so jaded and irritated with the bureaucracy that I just want to collect a paycheque, do my job well (I love, love, LOVE it), and build my skillset so that in case I do end up leaving I’ll be set.

I can always get a job somewhere else doing what I do, and with the way the industry is going they need me to stay at the company, so I am fairly sure I won’t get fired.

I just won’t “rise” in the ranks as fast, but to be honest, I’m not sure becoming a manager is all it’s cracked up to be, and if it’s something I want any more.

The only reason I wanted to rise in the ranks was to make more money, not so much because I want to have more responsibility. But if I adjust my lifestyle and give up a couple of things (will list them in this post), I am MORE than comfortable on my salary at the moment.

4. Am giving up on buying makeup I don’t really use any more.

On a regular basis if I start with makeup, I wear the following (or I don’t wear any at all if I’m not going out/going to work):

– Brown eyeliner *optional, really..*
– Concealer (Makeup forever in #2)
– Cargo blush
– Lip balm
– Eyelash curler
– Maybelline Great Last Mascara

And for special occasions I’ll bring out the Bare Escentuals powders, and my eyeshadows and go to town.

That’s it folks, no more purchasing cool makeup or anything that I think is neat. I don’t even use it, so it’s a waste of my money.

Oh, and I don’t even use my expensive Sephora brushes any more. Ironic, or what? I have them just in case, but at this rate, they’ll last forever because I don’t even use ’em. Good. 😛

5. Toiletries spending is getting snipped

I’m definitely buying the following and nothing more:

– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Olay Concentrate for Heels, Knees, Elbows to use as a body lotion (best stuff ever)
– Contact lens solution
– SpectroGel *optional.. have been using water and a light bit of soap lately*
– Nivea Makeup remover

Basically I’m giving up buying shaving cream (I find it doesn’t do anything, and I can just use the shampoo I lathered up or conditioner to shave with), I’ve given up dying my hair (too much maintenance. I dyed it back to its original dark brown).

I’m not buying nice smelling body gels/soaps/washes or lotions any longer even though the packaging and marketing is so tempting on it!! I’ve found the best lotion in the world for my skin, and I’m sticking to it. Besides, body gels/soaps are overrated for my skin, they tend to dry it out more and make it itchier than usual…

The less I do to my skin, the better.

6. No more clothes..

I went through my closet and .. DAMN!!… I can cut at least 60% of the stuff in there. I have enough clothes to last a lifetime nad I rarely even wear them because of the nature of my job (we don’t really dress up, it’s more business casual, leaning towards casual). Ditto on the shoes. I’m done with purchasing that stuff.

I just need to concentrate on buying a really amazing winter coat that’ll keep me super warm in -30 weather with windchill and a hood, and thermal underwear (ooo sexy). Oh and some really ridiculously warm boots.

7. No more jewellery or anything like that.

I have way too much as is… seriously. If you saw my collection you’d freak out. I could fill a couple of drawers worth with this stuff. I have enough. J’ai fini.

In fact, I’m thinking I might give some of my items away to friends for that clothing swap I was talking about for 2008. Necklaces, rings and other items I don’t wear any more. I hope they’ll enjoy it more than I did…

8. Going to cook more this year

I have my cookbooks out and this is the year I’m experimenting with food. 🙂 Probably because BF is really into food too, and I’m getting excited about cooking for him and him making me awesome dishes 🙂

9. Going to play more pool

I keep telling my friends that I want to go play pool, but this year, we’re really going to do do it and have a good time. BF loves pool as well, so that’ll be our entertainment instead of going to the bars (too loud and noisy, plus we both don’t drink), or going to the movies (too loud and noisy, plus he has a home theatre and a nice bed to cuddle on), or going shopping (we don’t need anything…)

9. Sorting my life out

Organization is the key for this year. I’m going to try and migrate everything over into electronic format, and get everything cleared and ready to go. By the way, comes highly recommended by moi. The guy who runs the site, Adam Slater, is really professional and is genuine.

Don’t go to the other BS lawyers who want to charge $400 for the first hour of consultation and then another $500 + court fees for retaining her services for something as simple as a damn uncontested divorce.

If it’s a simple no muss, no fuss divorce you want, is the way to go.

10. Figuring out how this travel/long distance thing is going to work

It ain’t cheap, I’ll tell ya that. And if I have debt to repay.. I’m going to pray I’m on projects away from my ‘home’ city so that way I can at least fly to BF’s home every weekend without using my own money.

Am worried a
bout how this long distance thing is going to work out… but I really do see this lasting.

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