Work appropriate fabrics

(Whew look at me go! I’m catching up on the week of neglecting this blog :))

This other question came into my head yesterday but I didn’t have time to flesh it out…

Work appropriate FABRICS

I know how everyone says “Hey, look.. you should be wearing structured, beautifully tailored, hemline appropriate and pants length appropriate clothing to work that’s tasteful and conservative”… but no one mentions what fabrics are work appropriate.

Sound like a silly question?

Maybe I would’ve agreed with you last week, but I saw this lady at work… in a knee-length leather skirt, and a top that was a red PVC vinyl, long-sleeved, high-necked, top.

Was she work appropriate? Sure… technically the skirt worked. The shirt covered her entire torso….. but the fabrics were all wrong.

So, very wrong…

A leather jacket over your outfit is work appropriate – you can take it off, it looks chic, it isn’t part of the outfit.

A couple of leather accents might really bring out your rocker chick side.

But a full-out knee-length leather SKIRT? Or even a leather top? A PVC Vinyl top? Gold lame tight pants?

Those are definitely not work appropriate fabrics.

Work appropriate fabrics are:
– Not shiny
– Not flammable
– Cannot be cleaned with a wet washcloth
– Not squeaky when you touch it
– Not plastic

The exception would be leather. Unless it’s in shoes or a jacket, it’s not appropriate for work.

After work, yes. During work? No.

Can you imagine a man coming into work with a Hawaiian print t-shirt wide open to show his chest hair, a huge gold chain and tight leather pants?

Didn’t think so…. but it happened where I worked and now I can’t erase the image out of my mind. :\

And I saw ANOTHER lady (not at my work but on the street), wearing a long, white skirt that had a see through lace pattern in the entire skirt right up to her thigh. She might as well have been wearing a miniskirt because those eyelet lace patterns were like little windows to under her skirt, and I could see.. EVERYTHING.

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