French women don’t get fat

….but apparently a new study out says that in 5-10 years they’ll be just as obese as North Americans. 😐

I mentioned this to my (Parisienne) co-worker and this is what she had to say:

Friend: Most women in France are skinny. But they stay skinny because they don’t eat. The only drink those meal replacements and avoid eating actual food.

FB: *shocked*…. But why!?!?! Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Friend: I know. But they want a rich husband. They did a study on this actually, and the criterion for men to look for a (trophy) wife is she has to be blonde and skinny. The blonde and skinny women had the best advantage of finding a rich Frenchman with high status in society.

FB: What an awful way to live…

Friend: It is why I left. But now, I think they are getting used to eating cheap fast food and that’s why they’re getting fatter.

So there you have it. Nothing special, none of this “French women don’t get fat” crap because they eat rich fromage (cheeses) and other fatty things in moderation. Apparently it’s all a big load of BS….LOL

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