Tricking yourself into drinking water

I may be the only one.. but, who else tricks themselves into drinking water (and subsituting water) for other drinks like sugary soda pop, coffee or hot chocolate?

I used to drink a LOT of hot chocolate. And I’m also a Starbucks Chai Latte lover. This all added up to not only a lot of money being spent on a daily basis, but a lot of useless calories, which added to my waistline.

So when I got my cherished Starbucks pink travel mug for my birthday, I started using it to hold my water.

Not only does my water stay cold, I also find that I automatically pick up my mug and sip it just out of habit (I used to have a hot chocolate or a chai latte every morning in it).

Now, I’m sipping water out of habit, and I think I’ve lost some weight as a result, and my wallet has gotten fatter and it’s also eco-friendly to boot – no need to use plastic cups at work to drink water, just use your mug!

Win-win. πŸ™‚

Oh and if you DO go to Starbucks, they give you 10 cents off your drink if you bring in your cup (any travel mug) and fill it instead of using one of their cups.

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