Spending less money on hair STUFF…

Before I switched to this new hair routine of mine, I used to search high and low for the best shampoos, the best conditioners, super deep moisturizing hair masks, hair products like mousse, gel, pomades, waxes, and all that junk.

Then one day, I woke up, stared at my bathroom counter and realized I was toting around products I barely even used (once or twice, then not at all). I had to cut it down. It was getting ridiculous.

This was how the cycle went:

I was deep moisturizing my hair because it was dry and didn’t look or feel soft and shiny.

My hair was dry because I had used a clarifying shampoo on it, and blowdried it.

I used a clarifying shampoo because I had used a mousse/gel/pomade/wax the day before, after or before, blowdrying my hair.

I used those hair products because I wanted my hair to be shiny, healthy with a bit of bounce, wave and volume.

This all turned my hair dry and stressed out from all the tweaking I was doing to it.

So, I used up what I had left of everything, and I cut it down to the minimum.

Then one day, I only shampooed and forgot to use conditioner. I slept with damp hair flipped over the top of my pillow at night, and lo and behold, I woke up with wavy, bouncy, volumized, shiny, natural hair.


All without those hair products, tools and gizmos.

To make things easier for my night time routine, I switched to the Dove 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner (bit of an oxymoron, how could your hair be cleaned AND moisturized at the same time? The surfactants or the cleaning agents, would strip the hair of oils…. so how could the conditioner work simultaneously to put it back? Oh well. I best not ponder about this any longer than necessary).

Then I continued sleeping with my hair flipped over the top of the pillow at night, and letting it air dry on its own (my hair is a bit like a sponge, it will soak and retain water like NO OTHER).

And on the weekends to give my hair a break, I heavily moisturize it with a Dove conditioner after using my 2-in-1, and for the rest of the week for when my hair has to be “styled” (hehe), I switch back to just using the 2-in-1 at night. I also use the conditioner that comes in those hair dying kits, as a super conditioner because it works really well…

This has not only saved me time, it’s saved me the hassle of buying the RIGHT product for my hair, other products to counteract the effects of the products I was using to ‘tame’ my hair, and money. Pots of money.

Stop the madness!

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