Do these statements sound familiar to you?

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These are the ones that stood out at me:

“I still can’t forgive my parents for spending my inheritance to travel the world.”

FB: Okay, this statement I have a bit of a problem with. Your parents aren’t ENTITLED to give you money when they retire. It’s their perogative. They saved all their life and if they want to buy a new truck or travel the world and live life a little (if they can afford it without going in debt), then why should they give you the money? *THEY* are the ones that saved it. And THEY are the ones who raised you (assuming), from young. They don’t owe you money on their deathbed, and vice versa, you don’t owe them a living or have a debt/repayment for raising you for when they retire. It’s an unselfish act to have children (generally).

“I eat at restaurants that I can’t afford so as not to lose face with my friends.”

FB: I used to do this. Until I swallowed my pride, and basically said I had too much debt to eat out and pay $90 for a single person. Now, I just use my absence from my home city as an excuse. Some of my friends understand, others have pulled away. *shrug*

“People think that I’m poor because of the way I dress. I have over $1 million in the bank.”

FB: Good for you! My dad has always maintained that if he won the lottery, he’d walk into a Mercedes-Benz dealership with torn jeans and flip flops, and see if he got served or not. 😛

I told him it was very Pretty Woman of him. (LOL)

“I judge people by their career and the amount of money they make.”

FB: I don’t do this because I know that others make do with what they can on a daily basis, and it’s a JOB that pays BILLS, but I don’t really want people to know how much I really make in real life.

“I date men for their money.”

FB: I’ve heard this one a number of times. I’d rather be the one to have the money…

“When my wife asked where I got the money, I told her that I had saved it. I really took a second mortgage out on our house.”

FB: Wouldn’t she find out eventually? Isn’t her name on the deed as well?

“When people ask how I can afford my lifestyle, I tell them that I won the lottery. I have $80,000 in credit card debt”

FB: De-nial. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

“I can’t afford my wife.”

FB: Sad… 🙁 I wonder if she knows how much stress she’s causing her husband.

“I’m a millionaire and I still pick up pennies off the sidewalk.”

FB: Nothing to be ashamed about or be a secret about. I do the same thing… They actually come in handy lol.

“I shop to relieve my depression.”

FB: I was never depressed per se, but I did shop to lift my spirits a lot. It made me feel good to buy something new, shiny, clean, and special just for that moment.

“I spent $80,000 on a college degree I will never use.”

FB: Heard this one too. I use my degree – maybe not as the forefront of what I do – but it DOES help out tremendously…. I hate that jobs SAY they require a Bachelor’s Degree or undergrad when the job doesn’t require any skills whatsoever that need one – or they can be learned/taught on the job, but they don’t want to hire anyone who doesn’t have one. It’s really stupid in my opinion because kids are now going to school taking subjects they don’t even like, because they just need to say that they graduated from college to get a job.

While I agree that SOME degrees are worth it.. a lot of degrees end up being unused because the job you end up getting doesn’t require you to know Art History, or Gaelic.

“I spend over $200 a month on ATM withdrawals.”

FB: This one surprises me that people can admit that… yet they won’t go to the bank and bring out a wad of cash at once to avoid this. It just seems like a waste of money to me. Maybe they club/go to the bar or places that don’t take debit or credit card?

“I can’t stand people who complain about money when they have never known true poverty.”

FB: I don’t like to think that I’m complaining… but I totally see this point. One of my favourite posts has been about this. Puts things into perspective when I read that post once in a while… It strengthens my resolve to clear my debt faster (as in, sticking to the plan I have right now), and making sure we have a solid future ahead of us so we don’t have to worry about these things.

“I pay for sex because it is cheaper than a girlfriend.”

FB: Sad but probably true. But then again, it depends on what kind of girls you date. I’d say that if I dated now, since I’m more frugal in general, I’d really pick and choose where and what to do for dates….

“When I found out he was cheating, spent all the money in his bank accounts before telling him I wanted a divorce.”

FB: .. Is this illegal? It just seems so wrong… I know she’s hurt, but.. it seems so wrong.

“I’m 28 and I live at home with my parents so I don’t have to get a job.”

FB: Clearly a case of failure to launch.

“I paid someone to do all my homework through college so that I could play. I graduated with honors.”

FB: I hope karma comes around and bites him/her in the butt. That’s just undermining the entire fundamentals of ‘getting an education’. Some education.
Probably just played Beer Pong all day long.

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