Closet and Jewellery Organization

Rebecca @ The Space Between My Peers, had a great post on closet organization.

I particularly like this tip:

Beth wondered about sweater storage, now that all my social, business, and casual clothes will be in my closet. Ideally one’s closet would feature shelves. Mine has one, so here’s my plan: I am going to fold my better sweaters, put them in shirt boxes, and stack the boxes on the one existing shelf. A stack of boxes is much tidier than a stack of sweaters!

I think that’s a GREAT idea to fold your better sweaters and put them in shirt boxes. I hate having to pull out a sweater from the bottom and have the whole pile tumble on me… (although I do love spending time organizing my closet for fun :P)

And as for my comment, I am very interested in organizing Accessories, so for my previous closet, I designed the following (cheap) solution:


I put them on those little plastic hooks you buy from 3M with the sticky back (or whatever else that has hooks that would look cute to attach to your closet wall). Works like a charm, and instead of having your necklaces tangle up inside one of another in a big box, it’s all carefully separated by hooks, and by style. The super big beaded necklaces that don’t really tangle, are placed with ONE delicate tangly necklace, and I make sure that 2 tangly necklaces don’t go together on the same hook. Plus, they’re hard to separate or figure out what’s on there, if you have 15 of the same looking kind of silver, delicate necklace on one hook.


For $5 or less, buy a plastic boxed container originally meant for beads at any craft store, or even the ones they use for fishing lures… stick your earrings in pairs, in each of the boxes That’s how I store all of mine. And they are separated, easy to see at a glance what you have, and even if you don’t have pierced ears, and cannot hang your earrings on little hooks or through beadboard (a board with holes), you can still separate them nicely. Another alternative would be to buy a big corkboard, stick thicker pins organized in sections, and hang your earrings from them. Voila.


Use the hook system, or you can go cuter, and buy glass containers and put the bigger beaded bracelets (and necklaces) in there, and fish them out when you need them. Or, just lay them out on a piece of colourful cloth, so you can see your bangles, cuffs and delicate charm bracelets all at once.


I just use a little shallow bowl for this.

Lastly: I keep my sterling silver necklaces and earrings in plastic baggies to avoid tarnishing them (via oxidation)…


I use a shoe rack… but if I had cash, I’d love something like this built in!

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