Making your own frozen dinners…for cheap!

I watch Top Chef. A LOT. I watch it while I eat my lunch, and my dinner (it makes the food taste better for some reason)..

In epsiode 7, Season 3, they were given the challenge of creating their own frozen dinner – some chose meatballs, some did rigatoni, others did penne, etc etc.

And it just dawned on me: if they could do it, why couldn’t we?

All it would take is cooking up a MASS amount of stuff at once (we’re talking a ton of meatballs at once, and doing all the pasta at once), individually freezing all the different components over night, and making sure that the sauce in particular is frozen on a flat cookie sheet, and then chopped up and broken into pieces to be sprinkled throughout the entire frozen meal package so that it doesn’t chunk here and there with splotches of sauce.

If you were to put the pasta and the sauce and meat all together and then freeze it, you’re going to get delicious baby food – the pasta will soak up the sauce and meat juices over night and turn into mush.

I think I’ll try that once I get home, and cook up a bunch of chicken at once, cube it, and do the same thing with the sauce, and pasta, and create my own IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), frozen meal.

It’d probably save on time such as not having to re-cook a dish over and over again each meal, and money (instead of buying the real frozen foods in the grocery store). I could just throw it into a pan and literally heat it up for 6-10 minutes, and have a great homecooked meal, ready to go.

It’s something to consider. 🙂

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