Stock your closet

Summer is just around the corner, although from the last couple of days, you wouldn’t know it!! But if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe here are some items you can add to ensure you always have the right outfit on hand.

A few pairs of tailored pants

Find a brand that looks and feels great, and purchase several pairs in neutral colours. Stick to a summer-weight material or a light wool gabardine, so they’ll be wearable year-round.

A little black skirt
Go for the knee-length, pencil-shaped classic. I’m not talking about the super hip hugging wiggle pencil skirts that you can’t walk in, pick something that skims your hips, doesn’t have too tight and thin of a waistband so it’s comfortable. And consider buying the same style in a basic chocolate brown or a dark metal grey. Make your wardrobe even more versatile by matching your skirts with cardigan sets so that you always have an outfit to mix and match. So you could pick up a ruby red cardigan ensemble, and match it with any of the neutral coloured skirts, and of course, a black or dark chocolate brown (whichever fits your skintone better) cardigan sweater set because black is incredibly versatile.

A wrap dress
I am a huge fan of wrap dresses. It’s elegant, easy to throw on in a simple step, and can be accessorized to the hilt, or left the way it is if the print is bold enough to carry on by itself. Just ensure that when you sit down, the wrap dress wraps around enough to cover your thighs. I run into the problem of having to always wear a full body slip so I don’t end up looking tarty by accident.

Two pairs of well-made pumps in black and dark chocolate brown (big fan of chocolate here..)

Opt for the three inch heel or lower, so it’s comfortable. You want to be able to walk in it. Think about a chunkier heel, but not so chunky that you look like your feet have been potted.

Bold hues
Using bright colour is a great way to liven up an outfit. Supplement your wardrobe by choosing sweaters, tanks and shirts in vibrant jewel tones like purple, green, red, orange, etc. Choose materials like lace or silk for added sexiness and sophistication, but if you want to err more on the practical side, look for cotton blends, and steer clear of 100% polyester!!

Buy a jewellery piece or two that looks fantastic when worn with anything. For me, it’s 3 rows of thinner turquoise beads that spice up any dull too neutral outfit, or add a nice lively contrast near my face against white or other summery colours. Experiment, and try on chunky necklaces if your neck can handle it. If you have a shorter neck, that’s a bit full, then try a longer strand of chunky beads, or go for the dainty thin long dangling chains. They’ll elongate your neck by drawing the eye down.

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