Starbucks Travel Mug: Invest in one!

In about 284 Starbucks drinks you could have it paid off.


At $24.95 per cup, with a 14% (I know.. OUCH), it’s about $28.44 for a Starbucks Travel Mug. But it’s worth it. It’s MUCH better than any other travel mug I’ve purchased in the past for $5 or $10.

But if you drink as much Starbucks as I do, you’ll appreciate having your own mug, helping out the environment, and in general, having a hot drink when you want it…and to have it stay hot for the entire day (no joke!)

You also get a $0.10 discount every time you bring in your OWN travel mug and get it filled up with coffee.

So, only, and only IF you drink a lot of Starbucks coffee, and you feel guilty about throwing your disposable cup into the garbage every day, should you invest in one. Actually, scratch that!!! If you buy a lot of takeout coffee (Tim Hortons or Dunkin’ Donuts counts), or in general are unhappy with your travel mug, invest in one. It’ll be worth it.

I use mine all the time – not just as Starbucks, even at home when I’m working. I pour boiling hot water into the mug with a tea bag, and 7 hours later, it’s still warm and drinkable. In about 3 more hours, it’ll be a bit cooler, but by that time, it’ll all be gone anyway.

It’s easy to grip even in winter, and it’s not like those cheap travel mugs that burn your hand after you fill it up with a hot drink – it’s like a cup within a cup! It keeps your drink warm, insulated, and cool enough to hold with your bare hands. The rubber grip around it also really helps. It’s also airtight, and I’ve tightened the lid (not superwoman tight), and closed the lid firmly, and tipped it upside down. NOTHING leaks out of it, so I am safe in knowing that if I have it closed beside my laptop, if it falls, my laptop will be safe.

I also feel much better about not using a disposable cup with the little cardboard holder, and just looking at it makes me smile šŸ™‚ (It’s pinkish purple and changes with the
light). And I got it for free so.. every $0.10 makes me feel a bit better about my guilty indulgence.

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