Is there ever such a thing as being too rich?

I just heard a story about my friends’ friend that married into a very, very rich family. She has servants galore, and should never open her own front door, pick up mail, cook food, do errands, do laundry, buy groceries or worry about anything in the world.

I heard this.. and thought: How awful. How incredibly awful to not be able to do the most mundane of things. I understand if you’re working insane hours, it’s great to have people to help you do these things, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t do any of this. She doesn’t garden – they have a gardener, she doesn’t cook food – they have a chef. She isn’t on any volunteer boards, she isn’t working (what for? they’re rich), and even when she walks the dog, people mistake her for being the maid because no one walks their own dog. The have maids for that. Or dog walkers.

It’s one thing to be rich.. but to be THAT rich and not do anything with your life. It’d feel more like a gilded prison rather than a luxury. Me, I’d rather be financially well off (my idea of well off, is a net worth in the positive with healthy retirement and savings funds, not in the negative like it is now), and be able to work at a job that I really enjoy. Or at the very least, volunteer for an organization I believe in. Or take classes on cooking (although what’s the point? she has a chef for the food)…

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